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ive realized that i am very unmotivated rite now. unless i have to do…

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ive realized that i am very unmotivated rite now. unless i have to do somethin 4 a friend, which i am always glad to do, otherwise, i wont do it. its pretty sad actually. i was pretty motivated a week ago, n i had plans 4 summer n stuff i had to do, and the only way im going to end up doing them is if i convince myself that it's for my friends, which is really is..so hopefully thatll keep me going long enough..and i was actually kinda happy b/c at least i had that ring i got from the deb party..and today i woke up n realized that it was gone. i wore it in the morning, but i was washing dishes or somethin so i took it off. it has yet to be found. eh..least it lasted a week rite? :/ this is why i cant buy jewlery. i have no memory of wehre i put these things. i honestly do not remember taking it off..or most of the past 2 days neways so that mite be it. who knows nemore. hopefully 2nite i mite be able to get out n chill wit friends, b/c apparently my mom lied n were leaving on sunday which means not seein friends for a whole week..there goes my motivation. o well. ok sry 4 the pointless post. again. hope ur enjoyin ur day/fathers day (worse hoilday every by the way) i need college to start, so at least i have somethin to do!! ok well that is all folks.
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