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today started out pretty bad..but afta i picked up ana at around 6? i wna say and got thai food well i watched as she ate n then got gelato and went to borders and gained lots of knowledge on random topics..VERY random topics...the day def picked up...then met up with people n saw cars! awesome movie..awesome everyone should see it...and sit through the credits haha theyre funny..so are the actual credits but afta we seriously stood outside for like over an hour and jus talked randomly it was really fun...i needed that haha it was the first time i laughed n had fun with no worries in awhile...really glad i went n makes the memories about cars that much better..so thanks 2 everyone that was there tonight..intense! HAHAHA still cracks me up. i think i shall sleep..soon. its so bad ive beeen sleepin at like 3 n waking up at like 10! >< or 11 sometimes hehe...its kold so i shall go..but im really glad they had rings at the deb party..im growin quite fond of my quarter.
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