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after reading a certain friend's post about exhaustion and sleepin i realized that i do that otherwise i cant sleep b/c i will have too much racing through my mind..however this leads me to my dilemma...if i sleep when im really tired i go into a deep sleep..which leads to me dreaming more..well me waking up when im asleep so i remember my dreams..i think its a combination b/w my stress and my exhuastion...so i have very random..weird..confusing...pondorous i dont evn know how to describe them..they arent nightmares exactly but they arent happy dreams either..its always about people i know but they look different in my dreams..or theyre doin somethin they wouldnt normally do..somethin very random haha i dno but i feel very stressed/awkward/or frutrated in these dreams and it bothers me...but the only way i can sleep w/o dreaming is if im in a lighter sleep but then i cant be completely exhausted when im sleeping..but if im not completely exhausted i ownt be able to fall asleep for hours...see my dilemma? or is it just me..sorry if i wasted your time, i seem to be doing a lot of that lately... sorry, i'll try to stop or for the few that read this post you can stop hehe..
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